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Acorn friend

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Acorn friend
Acorn People.png
An Acorn friend
Species Acorn
Game appearances Conker's Pocket Tales
“These mostly cheerful folk inhabit Conker's world and are happy to help when they can.”
Conker's Pocket Tales manual, page 16

The Acorn friends, also known as Acorn People,[1] are a species in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Acorn friends are friendly, living acorns who are willing to help Conker on his adventures. Usually, when an Acorn friend has no further role for either a part or the rest of Conker's adventure, they say, "Good luck on the rest of your quest!". Acorn friends are shown to have a variety of cultures in some of the earlier worlds. Many Acorn friends inhabit Willow Woods, where a couple of them move back and forth either horizontally or vertically in a set pattern.

Some of the more culturally distinct Acorn friends include a Native American-based tribe of Acorn friends, the Vulture Culture, outside the town in Vultureville. The few Acorn friends of Krow Keep speak in a medieval accent, and the Acorn friends living in Mako Islands are based on island residents.

Though Evil Acorn is a living acorn, it is unclear whether he is an Acorn friend or merely just a living acorn.


Conker's Pocket Tales

Acorn friends in Conker's Pocket Tales help Conker throughout most of his adventure, in as early as in Willow Woods. Every Acorn friend has the same overworld sprite, even if their talk icon is different. Acorn friends provide Conker with advice based on the current objective. The Acorn friends consist of some notable members, such as the Forest Guardian and Undertaker, who have a more established role.

In Willow Woods, two of the specific Acorn friends encountered by Conker includes the Forest Wong and the Forest Guardian, who guards the entry to the Spooky Forest,

Vultureville has many Acorn friends. There is the Vulture Culture, who gives Conker the mask in exchange for gold. Some of the characters include the Blacksmith, Dusty, Sheriff, and Undertaker. Dusty runs his own place named Dusty's. The Undertaker, a regular resident of Vultureville, can be found at Boothill Cemetery.

Mako Islands has one Acorn friend named Ted.

In the final level, Catacombs, Conker first has to rescue six Acorn friends can before he can rescue Berri.



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