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Conker attacks a Cactus in Conker's Pocket Tales

Cacti are an enemy in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Cacti are living cactus enemies appearing only in Vulture Ville. Cacti have the same appearance as regular cacti except for their small pair of eyes. Because of this, Cacti try to blend in with the background, so whenever Conker approaches a Cactus, it gets up and starts to walk after him. Whenever Conker looks at a Cactus, it stops moving and goes back into the ground. Conker can defeat a Cactus by shooting at it from his Slingshot three times.

Unused appearances

In the canceled Twelve Tales: Conker 64, there would have been cactus-like enemies in the western-themed level. They are smaller than the ones in Conker's Pocket Tales. Two small cacti enemies can be found in a jail area, each in a separate cell. Furthermore, large cactus people with mustaches and a black vest can be found inside of a saloon. One of the cacti sitting at a table offers Conker to play a game of cards with him.