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Haystack LnR.png
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Haystack
Color Yellow
Eye color Black

Haystacks are a group of characters in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Haystacks are bouncing bales of hay that formerly lived inside the Barn of the Barn Boys chapter. Their possible leader is Haybot, a giant robot disguised as a bale of hay. Haystacks vary from small to large in size. They have a mouth and a set of googly eyes. In Live & Reloaded they were redesigned to more closely resemble the Haybot, as they also have big noses.


Haystacks are the first thing seen by Conker when he enters the Barn. They all aimlessly bounce around (similar to Haybot) until Conker calls them. He points to the smallest Haystack and inquires over "something real neat" within the Barn. Conker does not see anything "real neat", which Jack vaguely mentioned to him earlier in Barn Boys. Conker states unless the jumping Haystacks "stinking of horse poo" counts. The smallest Haystack replies, "This is pretty neat!", and the Barn door closes behind Conker.

Shortly afterward, Conker is confronted by Franky, who is urged by Ron and Reg to beat him. Conker runs around the Haystacks while Franky tries to stab himself into him. Franky attempts to ram himself into Conker, who tricks him into ramming into every Haystack. After one is defeated, its eyeballs lie on the ground. Conker can kick the eyeballs by running at them or squash them by walking or jumping onto them.

Franky is scolded by Ron and Reg after his failure to beat Conker. He follows through with their suggestion to hang himself, and Conker leaves the Barn. The Haybot jumps on the ground floor because his arch-nemesis, Franky, hung himself. The Haybot aimlessly jumps around like the Haystacks would, and is later fought by both Conker and Franky.