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Conker fights Zombies in the chapter's Graveyard.

Spooky is the seventh chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. The entire chapter is set in a haunted area, including a Graveyard, an old village, and a large mansion.

Many Zombies appear in this area. Conker also meets Gregg at a pier outside of the Graveyard. He gives a Shotgun to Conker for him to kill the undead, specifically Zombies. Conker rides Mr. Barrel a second time at the end of the chapter.

Also, in the remake, as soon as Conker begins the chapter, he begins wearing an outfit inspired by Abraham Van Helsing from the Dracula films. It is unknown how or where he got the outfit from.


Pier / Village

Conker fights some Dolls in the village.

The pier was originally a mostly empty, rock-walled landscape with a large river flowing through. The river is likely inhabited by Catfishes, as Gregg is seen swinging his scythe at some. A large gate to the Graveyard is located up the path from the pier.

The area had a complete redesign for Conker: Live & Reloaded, where it now takes place in a village. The area was made larger, and the wooden pier and connected pathway were replaced with a sidewalk. There were also some lampposts placed around. The water was recolored to dark red to resemble blood. Some Dolls also appear around the village in the remake.

Two signs of village locations are also shown in the remake. Both of their names have a haunted connotation to them: "The Slaughtered Lamb" (referencing An American Werewolf in London) and "Coffins R Us" (a pun on the famous Toys R Us store).



  • "Mr. Death"
  • "Count Batula"
  • "Zombies"
  • "Mr. Barrel"


  • Although Gregg mentions that Conker's ancestor, Count Conkula, has a fortune, Spooky does not have any Cash bundles. It is one of two chapters without any, the other being It's War.