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Frying Pan

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Conker whacks Gargoyle with his Frying Pan.

The Frying Pan is a recurring item in the Conker franchise.

Location and uses

Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Frying Pan first appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day. Conker uses it as his main weapon during most of his adventure.

The Frying Pan is not an obtainable item. In the "Panhandled" segment of the first chapter Hungover, Conker chases a Key around in a room, and has difficulty catching it. He realizes that he is forgetting something and asks the player to press the B Button button. Conker then remembers how to use the Frying Pan, which he whacks out whenever the player presses B Button. He knocks out the Key with his Frying Pan.

After relearning the Frying Pan attack, Conker goes to the bridge guarded by the Gargoyle. After some discussion, Conker whacks Gargoyle with his Frying Pan. He originally laughs it off, deeming it ineffective, but as Gargoyle stands up, he trips off the bridge and collapses down the waterfall.

The Frying Pan is an important item at parts of the game, such as when Conker uses it to defeat The Big Big Guy by knocking off his balls, or during the lava race of the Uga Buga chapter in which Conker must whack the Uga-Bugas off their Hoverboards.

Around the start of the Spooky chapter, Gregg provides Conker with a Shotgun as he claims that the Frying Pan is ineffective against the Zombies. Conker uses the Shotgun as his main weapon in the rest of the chapter.

In the following chapter, It's War, Conker uses two Submachine Guns instead of a Frying Pan during the war against the Tediz. Conker can briefly use his Frying Pan via the B Button button after he defeats the Submarine Tediz but before returning to the Little Girl.

Conker: Live & Reloaded

The Frying Pan has a minor role in Conker: Live & Reloaded. Unlike Bad Fur Day, Conker finds it and the Baseball Bat on a rack in the same room of the Hungover chapter. Conker uses the Frying Pan to defeat three Clang Goblings and to knock out a Key, used to unlock the door.

Like Bad Fur Day, Conker first attempts to use the Frying Pan to knock Gargoyle off the bridge, but it does not work. Gargoyle states that the designer decided to change the segment, so Conker takes out his Baseball Bat and whacks Gargoyle with it instead. Given the success of the Baseball Bat over the Frying Pan, Conker decides to use it for his main weapon.

The Frying Pan is only used two more times: the first is when Conker knocks The Big Big Guy's balls, like in Bad Fur Day, and the second and final time is when Conker revisits the Hungover area, where he inexplicably uses the Frying Pan over the Baseball Bat at.

Conker's Big Reunion

The Frying Pan returns as Conker's main weapon in Conker's Big Reunion. The player must press the B Button button to equip Conker with it, and press the R Button trigger to swing and attack with it.