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Dung Beetle

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Dung Beetle
Dung Beetle.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Dung beetle
Color Red and black
Eye color Black

Dung Beetles are a species in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Most Dung Beetles have a role of being enemies, and they are larger than Conker. As their name suggests, Dung Beetles are dung beetles, and they live in the Poo Mountain area of the Windy overworld. Just like dung beetles from the real world, they like feces. One of them even operates the Poo Cabin. The Dung Beetles have a Liverpudlian accent. This most likely references the rock band, The Beatles. This is corroborated from a cutscene with four Dung Beetles in the Sloprano chapter, and that Beatles is a homophone of "beetles".


Conker kills a Dung Beetle.

The first Dung Beetles that Conker encounters is early in the Windy chapter. There are four of them, and each one rests on their own tree stump on a downward slope adjacent to Poo Mountain. Conker must defeat them to access the path to the Barn Boys chapter.

When Conker approaches the B Pad near the four Dung Beetles, the game plays a cutscene. It shows the two nearest Dung Beetles conversing—the first one suggests to beat up Conker, but the second one suggests only doing so if he approaches them. The first Dung Beetle agrees with him. Conker cannot defeat them with a Frying Pan, so he has to find another way to pass them.

After Conker reads a Manual and learns the Slingshot controls, he fires Conker nuts at the Dung Beetles. When a Dung Beetle gets its first hit, it angrily flies toward Conker. He must fire at it second time so that it explodes and dies. Conker is required to kill all four Dung Beetles.

The Poo Cabin opens at 10 o'clock (after Conker opens the Barn door in the Barn Boys chapter). Inside, Conker meets the establishment's operator, a Dung Beetle who uses profanity. His business is entirely based on Pooballs, which he has a shortage of. He demands Conker to get Daisy and the cows to defecate. In return he allows for Conker to use the Pooballs, which Conker can roll outside the Poo Cabin. After he floods and exits the Poo Cabin, he finds the Cabin's manager outside. The Dung Beetle restates that Conker is permitted to use the Pooball, and then he flies away.

Conker finds more Dung Beetle enemies on the Poo Mountain's spiral climb. Each one dwells in its own alcove, and a Dung Beetle will attempt to attack Conker if he passes it. This is exceptionally cumbersome for Conker when he must roll a Pooball up each direction of the mountain's double-helix spiral. He must first roll a Pooball up the left spiral and drop it on a gigantic Dung Beetle blocking the right spiral pathway. He must avoid more Dung Beetles when rolling it up the right-side spiral.

The last Dung Beetle is seen the very start of the Sloprano chapter. When Conker enters inside the Poo Mountain, a Dung Beetle flies into him. Conker gets annoyed and tells him to watch where he is going. The Dung Beetle urges Conker to leave and tells him of something "really bad" inside the mountain. Conker asks him what the matter is, and the Dung Beetle tells him about an incident from two days ago and provides a flashback.

The flashback shows the Dung Beetle and his two friends, Tezza and Bezza, drinking tea. Suddenly a large hand (later revealed to be of The Great Mighty Poo) drags Tezza down a hole, unbeknown to the Dung Beetle and Bezza. Both of them thought Tezza went shopping, but he never returned. Later, Bezza was walking along the circular pathways of the area, and the Dung Beetle waved to him from afar. Bezza waved back, as well as the giant hand behind him. After it waved, the giant hand dragged Bezza down; the Dung Beetle found out why his friends went missing, and the flashback ends.

The Dung Beetle additionally tells Conker that he hid from the giant hand; the Dung Beetle later came out when he thought the coast was clear, only to find that the entrance blocked by wooden planks, which The Great Mighty Poo put there. This reveals how The Great Mighty Poo trapped him inside, and why the entrance was originally blocked off. Lastly, the Dung Beetle mentions Cash located in the mountain, if Conker is "arsed to get it". The Dung Beetle says goodbye to him and leaves the area.