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Odd Little Monk

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Odd Little Monk
Monk CBFD art.jpg
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Unknown
Color Yellow
Eye color Yellow
“Get off my stone!”
Odd Little Monk

Odd Little Monks[1] are a group of characters in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Odd Little Monks are yellow-skinned and wear a red robe. They are monks that carry around stone tablets and read them. While they are not enemies, Odd Little Monks are easily irritated. The first instance of this is when Conker left The Cock and Plucker after being hungover. He vomited at an Odd Little Monk outside the pub, who hissed at him.

A few Odd Little Monks appear in-game: the first one appears in the Barn of the Barn Boys chapter, in a room blocked off by wooden planks. Two Odd Little Monks appear in the Uga Buga chapter: the first one is in front of the large dinosaur egg containing the baby dinosaur, Fangy, while the second one walks down the Dragon God's tongue after it opens its mouth. The Odd Little Monk walks down the tongue and stands at the tip. The first Odd Little Monk was killed after Fangy hatched from its egg. In all three cases, Conker is required to step on the Odd Little Monk's stone tablet. This angers the Odd Little Monk, as it was interrupted from reading. It flings Conker high up to a previously unreachable location.



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