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Shooting Gallery

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Gameplay of the Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

Shooting Gallery is the first sub-game played by Conker, who can play it by talking to the Forest Guardian after obtaining the Slingshot. Once Conker has completed this sub-game, he cannot replay it again.

The goal is for Conker to shoot down six targets using his Slingshot within 20 seconds. There are five targets, each with a red outline and a blue center. Only one target pops up at a time. A different one pops up either every few seconds or after Conker has shot down a different target. If Conker fails to hit a target while it is up, a target icon is added on-screen, meaning Conker has to hit one more target before he can clear the minigame. If Conker completes the minigame, the Forest Guardian allows him to enter the Spooky Forest, and a Present also appears outside of the Forest Guardian's house.

In the Game Boy version, the timer is set to 29 seconds instead. However, the difficulty is higher because the targets move up and down quicker, and Conker has to hit eight of them. The two targets in the very back are positioned closer together than in the Game Boy Color version.

In Krow Keep, there is an Acorn Person who hosts a harder version of the Shooting Gallery. Here, Conker must shoot down six targets within ten seconds, or eight within 19 seconds in the Game Boy version. The only other difference is that the targets move faster. If Conker wins the Shooting Gallery, the Acorn Person rewards him with a token.


  • +Control Pad - Move cursor
  • A Button or B Button - Shoot



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