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Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Paint can
Color Blue
Eye color Black

Ron is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Ron is a verbally-abusive blue can of paint with a pair of eyeballs on his lid, which he uses as its a mouth. The word "Paint" is printed on him, to indicate that he is a paint bucket, and has a can of red paint inside. Ron is always seen with the paintbrush Reg, who often repeats Ron's dialogue, to his annoyance. They collectively make a pair of paint can and paintbrush. Both of them often say offensive things toward characters and mock them, specifically Conker and Franky, who they often boss around. Ron also uses more profanity than Reg.


Ron appears in the Barn Boys chapter, and he lives in the barn. Conker first enters the barn, Ron and Reg tell Franky to kick Conker's "ass". Franky argues that it is always his turn, but the duo continue to insist that he does it. However, Franky fails to injure Conker, and the duo scold him. Ron labels it "the crapest crapiest kick ass" he has ever seen. He recommends that Franky kills himself. Franky questions what kind of friends they are, and he decides to hang himself from a rope the duo point out to him.

After Franky hangs himself, Ron laughs at him and calls him a "stupid bastard" (which Reg also called him earlier). He denotes Franky's lack of a neck, which Reg claims afterward. Ron tells him to shut up because he said it first.

When Conker exits the barn, the Haybot jumps down from above, and Ron and Reg quiver in fear of him. The Haybot tells them that his arch-nemesis, Franky, was defeated and decides to hop around aimlessly.

Later, when Conker rescues Franky from his noose, and Ron and Reg laugh at him. When Conker hovers down to the ground, Ron calls him a "dumbfuck" and questions why he freed Franky. Reg repeats Ron a second time, and Ron asks his statements are constantly repeated. When Franky claims that being hung is comparable to an execution, Conker turns his head to Ron and Reg and imagines them in execution outfits. Then he sees them normally. In Live & Reloaded, Ron's "execution look" was toned down—his axe was made severely smaller, comparably to a hatchet, and his large black mask was removed.

After Franky calls Conker his "bestest buddy", Ron and Reg laugh at him. Conker gets mad, walks up to them and sticks Reg inside of Ron. This silences the duo.

In the ending, Ron and Reg, along with a few other characters that Conker met on his journey, are seen a last time in the throne room of the Panther King's Castle. They enter it after Conker defeats Heinrich. Ron and Reg stand to the right of Conker's throne and laugh about Conker becoming king. Ron claims that Conker couldn't be "king of a toilet". Reg repeats his statement, only to be told off by Ron a third time. One of the Weasel Guards says, "Long live the king!", followed by Franky saying it second, and then Ron and Reg. After being told off a fourth and final time, Reg claims he was repeating Franky. Eventually, every character (except Conker) chant it. Likewise, the duo are also seen at Conker's throne in the opening cutscene.