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Raptor is a Multi mode, based on the eponymous Uga Buga chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Location and rules


Conker BFD Multi Screenshot (Raptor) 1.png

The Ugas are very, very hungry (as usual), and unfortunately for Mama Raptor, their favorite food is eggs. Dinosaur eggs, to be exact. And primitive though they may be, even Ugas know the dangers of salmonella, so you have to take the eggs back to the frying pan before chowing down.

Mama Raptors

No matter how much the Ugas like dino eggs, it's nothing compared to how much Mama Raptor and her brood enjoy the delicate flavor of Uga. In fact, they are quite the connoisseurs. And this family doesn't need any of the high-tech rock or bone weapons the cavemen seem so proud of. Nope—a good, swift chomp will do the job nicely, thank you.[1]

Up to four players can play and each can select their character from the Ugas and Mama Raptors. As a raptor, you must go out hunting and bring back as many Ugas as you can to the nest (or devour them on the spot: your choice) to feed the young raptor. Once you're in the nest and you stand next to the baby raptor, the Uga is automatically thrown out of your mouth, and then you get to watch the baby raptor dine. Should you be playing as the Ugas, your goal is to steal the raptors' eggs and bring them back to your home and chuck them in the frying pan. The eggs can be found at the raptors' nest. Just run into one and start running. You may have to attack and maybe kill the raptors before you try to steal their eggs (you seem to get points for this).



Uga 1: I'm really hungry! I'd really like some nice eggs.

Uga 3: Yeah, they're delicious!

Uga 1: Why don't we steal some eggs from the nest? Then we could run with them back to safety and fry them in the pan. Oh! But watch out for the big mother dino. If she catches us, she'll eat us whole. Right... Let's go to work.

Mama Raptor: I think the chick's hungry. We'll have to bring back food. But protect the eggs!

You Win

Conker BFD Multi Screenshot (Raptor) You Win.png

Uga 1: I'm stuffed. That was very tasty.

Uga 2: Ha, ha! Look, Fred's crapped himself.

Mama Raptor: I think he enjoyed that!


  • Cavemen Spawn
  • Frying Pan
  • Cavemen Roof Area
  • Cavemen Temple Entrance East
  • Cavemen Temple Entrance West
  • Raptor Spawn
  • Nest
  • Raptor Roof Area
  • Raptor Temple Entrance East
  • Temple 1st Floor
  • Temple 2nd Floor
  • Temple Staircases
  • Temple Center



  • This is the only map that allows the player to play as a raptor in the Deathmatch mode.
  • In the Ugas' win ending cutscene, Fred might be a reference to Fred from The Flintstones due to both being prehistoric cavemans.


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