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Evil Acorn

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This article is about the main villain of Conker's Pocket Tales. For a common enemy in Twelve Tales, see Evil Acorn (enemy).
Evil Acorn
Evil Acorn.png
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales (1999)
Species Acorn
Color Brown
Eye color Black
“No no no! I've had enough of you. I've planted a bomb and this whole place is going to blow in five minutes. You're all doomed! Awha! Ha! Ha!”
Evil Acorn, Conker's Pocket Tales

The Evil Acorn is the main antagonist of Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Evil Acorn ruins Conker's birthday.

The Evil Acorn is first seen in Conker's Pocket Tales' intro, where he hides in a cake at Conker's birthday party pops out, kidnaps Berri, and steals his presents. It is never explained why the Evil Acorn did this. As a result of these events, Conker goes on an adventure to recover his presents and rescue Berri from the Evil Acorn.

Despite being the main antagonist, Conker never directly battles the Evil Acorn. The Evil Acorn sends a boss to fight Conker in each world--starting with Willow Woods and lastly with Aztec Temple. In the final area, the Catacombs, after Conker finds Berri, the Evil Acorn plants a bomb set to explode in 5 minutes. Conker and Berri must escape the Catacombs before they get caught in the detonation.

After the two escape, the bomb explodes, and the Evil Acorn is blasted high into space orbit, vowing revenge on Conker. The Evil Acorn lastly appears in the second screen of the end credits, bouncing on game designer Gary Richards's first name.