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Gender Female
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Sunflower
Color Green (stem & leaves)
Yellow (petals)
Eye color Turquoise

The Sunflower is a character in of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

The Sunflower is a tall plant, with a yellow face and petals. She has a sexualized personality and a pair of large breasts, yet she is shy and often bends over to cover her face. The Sunflower wears red lipstick and purple eyeliner on her face. Her two leaf stems are possibly her arms.


Conker meets the Sunflower

The Sunflower is a tall, sexualized female sunflower in the Barn Boys chapter. King Bee cheated on his wife, Queen Bee, in favor of the Sunflower. She was first mentioned by Queen Bee at the start of the Windy chapter.

In Barn Boys, the Sunflower is located midway up the right-side trail to . She is bent over, concealing her breasts with her leafy appendages. Conker is unable to communicate with her until after Franky hung himself in the Barn. This is when King Bee lies outside the location and asks Conker for help. He was originally uninterested, until King Bee mentioned a "big-breasted babe". King Bee says that she is lovely, and that he desires to "pollinate" her. He claims her stigmas are "like you wouldn't believe". He points out the Sunflower to Conker and begs for his help to go to her, with a reward of Cash from doing so. Conker goes to the Sunflower, who is still covering herself. He asks her for help and points out the King Bee, who wants to be with her. She ignores him and tells him to leave, deeming his tail "too tickly". Conker later meets a swarm of Tickly Bees, who enjoy tickling characters. He gets an idea to take them to the Sunflower. Conker must bring five Tickly Bee swarms to the Sunflower. This makes her open up from their intense tickling, and King Bee appears and "pollinates" her off-screen. The King Bee and Sunflower are heard having orgasms while Conker looks in disgust.

After having sex with the Sunflower, the King Bee states that he "feels like a new man". The Sunflower says that she does too, and the King Bee flies away. The Sunflower offers Conker to bounce on her breasts, to which he agrees. The Sunflower giggles loudly as he bounces on her breasts. Conker can bounce up to an alcove where he can collect a Cash bundle (likely the one mentioned by King Bee).