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Forest Guardian

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Forest Guardian
Forest Guardian CPT.png
The Forest Guardian in his home.
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales
Species Acorn People
Color Brown
Eye color Black
“The Forest Guardian lives in Willow Woods, near the Spooky Forest area. All the Guardian can do now is hope that Conker is successful in stopping the Evil Acorn!”
Conker's Pocket Tales manual, page 16
Not to be confused with Forest Wong.

The Forest Guardian is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Forest Guardian is a notable member of the Acorn People who resides in Willow Woods. As his name suggests, Forest Guardian guards others from accessing a forest, more specifically the Spooky Forest. He and the other notable members share an overworld sprite with the other Acorn People.

According to the normal Acorn People, the Forest Guardian's house is located at north-east of Willow Woods. The Forest Guardian's house contains an Acorn, a Conker, and a map of Willow Woods.

When Conker first talks to the Forest Guardian, he gives him a blue Present and a Key to unlock the Windmill. He tells Conker to return with a Slingshot to be equipped for entering Spooky Forest. When Conker returns with a Slingshot, the Forest Guardian has him play a target practice sub-game, Shooting Gallery. If Conker completes it, the Forest Guardian allows him to enter the Spooky Forest.

After completing Krow Keep, Conker can visit the Forest Guardian, who says he has the option to first access Mako Islands or Claw Swamp.

The Forest Guardian is presumably one of the eight Acorn People trapped in the Catacombs, with the other seven being other notable Acorn People members. If Conker rescues each one and escapes the Catacombs, an additional scene in the ending shows the Acorn People at his birthday party, including Forest Guardian.