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Coconut Shoot

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Coconut Shoot gameplay.png

Coconut Shoot[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

The sub-game is hosted by an Acorn person on Mako Islands. It plays like clay shooting, except the goal for Conker is to shoot at coconuts thrown out of the palm trees, as the name suggests. There are two crosshairs, both of which automatically lock on to a coconut for about one second as it passes through. The player must press A Button or B Button right when a coconut passes through either crosshair. Every successful hit earns Conker 100 points, and each consecutive hit earns him an additional 100 points. However, if Conker misses a coconut, even if he only shoots one from the second crosshair it passes through, 100 points are subtracted from his combo. Each consecutive hit makes the crosshair grow a bit more, but it stops growing after a certain number of consecutive hits. Similarly, each miss shrinks the crosshair until it reaches its smallest size. The sub-game ends after a short period of time. Conker must earn a total of 7,000 points to win Coconut Shoot. The reward for clearing Coconut Shoot is wood, which is one the four parts that Ted needs to make a boat for Conker.

In the Game Boy version, there is only one crosshair, and the score font is different. The coconuts are thrown at much faster speeds by a monkey on top of a palm tree on the left and right side each.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 15): "Shoot down the missiles thrown by the monkeys. Aiming is automatic—just press the A or B Button to fire as the targets pass through your crosshairs."



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