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Claw Swamp

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Conker in the Claw Swamp.
“The claustrophobic paths and scurrying denizens of Claw Swamp are best avoided by all but the most intrepid explorers...”
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 18

Claw Swamp is a location in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Features and overview

Claw Swamp is the fifth world of Conker's Pocket Tales, though it can instead be the sixth if Conker first enters the Aztec Temple from Mako Islands. The world boss is Swamp Fiend, who is only shown from his two giant clawed hands protruding out of the mud. The world is accessed from the Spooky Forest of Willow Woods. Despite its name, Claw Swamp is a jungle-themed world, full of lush foliage. However, it features mud pits and water puddles of a swamp. A majority of the world consists of challenging Block puzzles, and it has a few enemies, including Bats, Flytraps, and Wolves.