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Conker aiming the Crossbow at a Bat

The Crossbow is a recurring item in the Conker franchise.

Location and uses

The Crossbow is a weapon used by Conker. In Conker's Bad Fur Day, a long, green line shows where the Crossbow is aimed. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, a small, red dot represents its aim instead.

In the main adventure, the Crossbow appears only as a context-sensitive item, and Conker can use it to kill three large Bats so that he can safely go across the narrow, wooden path.

In multi, it appears in three maps Raptors, Deathmatch's bunker map and Heist. Holding the Z Button will charge a laser that does more damage the more it's charged. In regular maps, its crossbow uses a wooden texture while in Raptors it seems to be made out of bones mostly from the raptors here.

The Crossbow returns as a usable weapon in singleplayer, and it is mostly the same but it has to reload after a few shots like in the multiplayer mode. Its weapon model has changed, having a lot of mixture between steel and wood. It also shows a cartridge for the laser pointing, making more sense than the Bad Fur Day's crossbow which has its laser come out of nowhere.


  • The crossbow has an oddity: you can fire it multiple times before reloading in the games, but in real-life you need to manually reload every shot you take.
  • The crossbow seems to have been planned for Live & Reloaded's multiplayer mode, due to the fact it appears with other multiplayer weapons. There is evidence that it would have had an alternate fire mode, as mentioned in the internal text file VAN_HELSING_CROSSBOW_RAPID_FIRE_SHOT, which would make the crossbow shoot faster.
  • The weapon's code name in the text files for Live & Reloaded is "VANHELSING CROSSBOW", which is another reference to the Van Helsing film, apart from the hat.