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The Big Big Guy

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The Big Big Guy
The Big Big Guy art.png
Official artwork from Live & Uncut
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Boiler
Color Bronze
Eye color Black (pupils)
Sclera: White (Bad Fur Day)
Yellow (Live & Reloaded)
“Balls of brass, sir. Polished to the nth degree.”
The Big Big Guy

The Big Big Guy is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


He is a large boiler fought in the Bats Tower chapter, in the Boiler Room. The Big Big Guy is notable for having large metallic testicles, which is strongly implied as being his power source. Aside from being a character, The Big Big Guy is used as a vehicle by two Fire Imps, whom he relies on to move around. The flap of his furnace is used as a mouth.


Boss battle

The Big Big Guy is the fourth boss of Conker's Bad Fur Day. After Conker urinates on eight of the ten Fire Imps, the last two enter into The Big Big Guy. They crash around inside of it, and insert a key. One of them pushes the Start button to power on The Big Big Guy like a car. The two Fire Imps argue over who will operate the The Big Big Guy, but he tells them to calm down. His accent is described by one of them as poncy like an English person. The Fire Imp tells the other one to push a button. After doing so, The Big Big Guy's "balls of brass" drop between his legs. Conker alliteratively describes him as a "bourgeois, big-bollocked boiler", and the battle starts.

In the boss fight, Conker must run to The Big Big Guy and get its attention. As he follows him, Conker must run back to a corner and pull a chain lever above him to dump liquid poo on The Big Big Guy. To effectively do so, the boss must stand at or near the grate next to Conker. He must quickly pull the lever, otherwise The Big Big Guy breathes out fire and injures him. The Big Big Guy takes a few steps back and temporarily spins around dizzily. Conker must run to its balls, and in a context-sensitive moment, brings out two bricks to clap on The Big Big Guy's balls. Conker must repeat this pattern three more times once from on each corner. (This is because he cannot pull a lever to dump liquid poo on The Big Big Guy more than once). As the battle progresses, The Big Big Guy moves around the area faster.

A Fire Imp accidentally pushes The Big Big Guy's self-destruct button.

After The Big Big Guy's balls get clamped by bricks a fourth time, Conker takes out his Frying Pan to whack them. After a few hits from the Frying Pan, The Big Big Guy's balls fly off his body, and he then collapses on the ground facefirst. The Fire Imps are trapped inside—one of them suggests to exit from the "back passage". The other one disapproves the idea, and accidentally presses a self-destruct button. The two Fire Imps are blasted back into the main area. The Big Big Guy is still toppled over while Conker tries to escape the room, which he can only do from using his two mutilated brass balls.