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Squirrels' Tail

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A Squirrels' Tail.

Squirrels' Tails, also known as Tails[1][2] and Tail Thingys,[3] are items in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

Gregg explains to Conker about Squirrels' Tails.

Squirrels' Tails represent the extra lives. They are actual severed squirrel tails, specifically from a red squirrel. Squirrels' Tails are infrequent and are usually well hidden in most of the worlds. Squirrels' Tails are a vague reference to a common myth that cats can have up to nine lives.

When Conker loses his first life, he ends up in the Underworld. Here, Conker meets Gregg, who realizes that he is a squirrel. To his annoyance, Gregg introduces the concept behind Squirrels' Tails, and that squirrels can have "as many lives as they think they can get away with", according to "the powers that be". The exact number is never said, but it can be assumed that it is the maximum number of lives that Conker can have at a time.

Gregg points out a nearby Squirrels' Tail to Conker and compares them to the likes of "chances". After Gregg leaves, Conker must collect the Squirrels' Tail for a giant skeleton hand pick him up and return him to the world map. Even though Conker collected this Squirrels' Tail after running out of them, he continues his adventure with two lives.

Prior to meeting Gregg, Squirrels' Tails do not appear on the world map. This is most noticeable from the sign post in the Windy chapter, which only has a Squirrels' Tail hooked to it after Conker enters the Underworld. Each time Conker loses a life (with at least one remaining), the same grim reaper hand returns him to his most recently visited location on the world map. The resulting number of Squirrels' Tails briefly display on-screen. The player can also see Conker's number of lives from the pause menu.


  • Even if Conker loses all his Squirrels' Tails, the Game Over sequence does not involve his eternal death in the Underworld. Each sequence takes place in the Panther King's Castle; one scene even shows Conker alive and used as the fourth table leg.
  • There is a Squirrels' Tail in Barn Boys that grants Conker 10 extra lives instead of one. It is located at the back end of the cheese farm.


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