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Panther King's Castle

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A view of the Panther King's Castle in Live & Reloaded

The Panther King's Castle is a location in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Features and overview

The Panther King's Castle is where the Panther King lives. It is a landmark location of the Panther Kingdom and is an ominous, dark purple tower-shaped castle with a few floors. The castle's roofs are pointed, a yellow glow emits from the windows at both day and night, and it has a very large gate. It is located on a hill surrounding the main Windy area. During the Windy chapter, the Panther King's Castle is shown to be on a hill surrounding the main Windy area. A side view of the Panther King's Castle is shown outside of Count Batula's Mansion. It is also visible from the Feral Reserve Bank. Only two of its rooms are ever seen.

The throne room is the main room of the Panther King's Castle, and it is a candle-lit room where the Panther King sits on his red throne. This is where his weasel servants often serve milk to him. A wooden table is to the right of the throne. The two large, wooden doors serve as both the entrance and exit to the throne room. It is guarded by the two Weasel Guards. The throne room is shown at both the very start and very end of the game, both showing Conker on the throne. In the opening, Conker introduces the story of how he became king of the Panther Kingdom, and in the ending, Conker concludes the story. Conker is ranked king and inherits the throne after defeating Heinrich.

Professor Von Kripelspac's laboratory is another location in the castle. It is filled with several scientific and chemistry-related equipment. In the opening cutscene preceding the Windy chapter, Von Kriplespac is seen brainstorming to find a replacement for the missing leg of the Panther King's table. As Professor Von Kriplespac decides to start over with a new project, he swipes an Anti-Gravity Chocolate off the wooden table, and it falls out of the window. The laboratory is on a higher floor than the throne room, [1] although this is not shown in the game. The lab has two wooden wall shelves. The top shelf has two large potion bottles and is covered by two large spider webs above it. The bottom shelf has some books, and a red book is in front, with a visible front cover, and is titled "Rodents of ze World". A wooden table is adjacent to the wall shelves. Behind the wooden table is a lowered wall shelf with some potions and a machine with a Tediz head that has a dark gray helmet with two antennae on it. Some ventilation pipes are also shown.