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Artwork of Conker digging
“Press SELECT while standing in the dirt area to dig.”
Signpost, Conker's Pocket Tales

Digging is a move in Conker's Pocket Tales.


Digging is one of Conker's moves. To use it, the player must press Select Button while Conker stands on a dirt patch. By using this move, Conker spins his tail around and tunnels out from another nearby dirt patch. In the Game Boy version, it takes longer for Conker to dig into a dirt patch. Digging is often used to exit from another dirt patch blocked off by an obstacle (such as a fence). Some dirt patches are used to transport between dirt patches far away on the map. This move is frequently used in Willow Woods and in cavern areas.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 7: "Stand in a patch of dirt and press SELECT. Conker will reappear in another patch nearby, usually on the other side of an obstacle."