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Arc Weld

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“Both the Sky Jockey and Demolisher are skilled in wielding this piece of equipment, which can be used to repair damaged and inoperable terminals and Mobile Units. Not suitable for use on people (we've tried).”
From the game manual
“The Arc Weld is used by Demolishers and Sky Jockeys to repair damaged vehicles, Mobile Unit stations, and Terminals. Keep your base ship-shape!”
Community Conker site
“Keep your base ship shape with this handy repair tool.”
Community Conker site

Arc Weld is an item in Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

It is a utility item for the Demolisher and Sky Jockey classes. This huge device can repair damaged equipment like terminals and vehicles. Holding the fire button when near will repair equipment until it is fully repaired. This weapon cannot be used as a weapon since it is useless against other players.

This tool has only one model, so there are no Future or Old War variants. It has a monitor and a camera, probably to see what is being welded, a red trigger to make the Arc Weld activate, a cautious tape near the firing end, and a blue and red magnet which seems to make it weld and it seems to be heated due to the heated metal.

It is mostly unknown where it came from, though like other high-tech stuff it seems to have been created by the Tediz.


  • The ability was likely meant to be part of the scrapped Engineer class.
  • While using the Arc Weld as a Demolisher, he will sometimes spout out his old lines "I fix this thing in a jiffy!". This line might be from Chris Seavor, which suggests the developers might have forgotten to redub the lines to Chris Sutherland.