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Poo Mountain

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Conker looks at the Poo Mountain.

The Poo Mountain is a location in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Features and overview

The Poo Mountain is a double-helix spiral mountain made of feces. It appears in Windy. The outdoor area of Poo Mountain takes place in the Windy chapter, while the inside takes place in the Sloprano chapter. The inside of the mountain is much larger than what is shown outside.

When Conker first enters the area, he puts on a Gas Mask and does not speak. He only communicates to the player using thought bubbles.

To enter inside of the Poo Mountain, Conker must roll a Pooball up the left pathway of the mountain and push it on a giant Dung Beetle blocking the pathway. Dung Beetles rest in the mountain's alcoves on both pathway, and Conker must avoid them. He must roll another Pooball on the right-side pathway and into a passage at the top. The Pooball somehow makes its way down the mountain and, with its momentum, breaks open the entrance to the mountain, previously blocked off by wooden planks.

The Poo Mountain is the highest point in Windy, or even the entire game. At the top, Conker can almost see the entire background scenery in the distance. A 100-dollar wad of Cash can also be found at the very top.