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Jugga CBFD.jpg
Gender Female
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001)
Species Caveman (likely Uga Buga)
Eye color Green (Bad Fur Day)
Blue (Live & Reloaded)
“No, I can't love you anymore. Conker and Jugga won't work.”

Jugga is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Physical traits

Jugga sitting next to Buga the Knut in Bad Fur Day (left) and Live & Reloaded (right).

Jugga is a tall, blonde woman like Berri. Her hair is short and only goes down to her shoulders. She is wearing black-spotted, red lingerie with the same texture as the normal clothes of the Uga-Buga. In Conker: Live & Reloaded, her lingerie was changed to leopard skin.


Jugga is a tall woman who is the girlfriend of Buga the Knut and a likely member of the Uga species.


In the Uga Buga chapter, shortly after Conker enters the arena, Jugga and Buga are shown sitting around the other spectators. Jugga is shown to be giggling at Buga's remarks, namely his boner.

As Conker tames Fangy to defeat groups of Ugas, Buga becomes shocked and Jugga giggles. She describes Conker as cute and believes that his "bone" is bigger than Buga's. This angers Buga, so Jugga giggles and tells him to prove his "bone size" by fighting Conker. After his butt was eaten away by Fangy a third time, Buga cannot put his loincloth back on. The entire arena, including Jugga and Conker, laugh at his exposed penis, which is revealed to be a lot smaller than he boasted it to be.

After defeating Buga the Knut, Conker searches for Jugga (whom he describes as a "big-breasted babe"). He walks out of the stadium field and through a passage. He finds himself in front of Jugga's large feet. Upon noticing how large she is, Conker says "paradise" and faints.

Later, Jugga wakes up Conker, who is sleeping in her hands. She says his bedtime is over, and describes him as cute again. Conker says he loves her, but Jugga says a relationship between them will not work. She tells Conker that he will break her heart. Conker tries to justify himself and says he will stop drinking, and that whatever she heard about him is untrue. His plan is unsuccessful, as she puts him on an ledge, tells him goodbye (which she does not like to do), and says she will always love him. A few seconds later, Conker moves on and continues his journey.


  • Her name is a joke of her J-cup "jugs" being similar to the Sunflower's S-cup sized breasts.
  • Since Conker wanted to pursue a relationship with Jugga, it is evident that he is cheating on Berri.