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Fangy (purple dinosaur)

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Baby Dinosaur CBFD.png
Gender Male[1]
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Dinosaur
Color Purple
Eye color Black

Fangy[2] is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Fangy is large, purple baby dinosaur who wears a diaper around its waist.


Conker sitting on Fangy's egg prior to it hatching.

In the Uga Buga chapter, Conker goes down a curved path with a large, dinosaur egg at the end. To reach the top, Conker must stand on a Odd Little Monk's stone tablet, to be thrown up to the top. In a context-sensitive moment, Conker sits on the egg for a while. The egg starts rumbling, and Conker trips off the egg. He looks at the bottom eggshell half, and Fangy pops out. It jumps out from its eggshell and lands onto the Odd Little Monk below, killing it. Fangy believes that Conker is his mommy, and Conker instructs Fangy to follow him.

Fangy moves around slowly, so Conker must walk at his pace for Fangy to keep up to him. Fangy can sometimes be distracted while going down the path. To regain Fangy's attention, Conker must walk back to Fangy. As the two go down the curved path, Fangy eats the Uga-Bugas along the way. In Bad Fur Day, there is blood dripping out of Fangy's mouth after he eats an Uga-Buga. In Live & Reloaded, numerous images of Fangy appear on the stone walls, suggesting it could have been part of an Uga-Buga prophecy. At the end of the path is a room leading back into the Sacrificial Chamber.

In this area, Conker must go to a Context Zone and fire his Slingshot at a stone switch depicting an up arrow. This lifts a giant stone slabb off the altar, which Conker must direct Fangy onto. Conker must go off the side of the altar, out of Fangy's sight, and go back to the Context Zone. From there, Conker must direct his Slingshot at the other stone switch with the down arrow. This moves the stone slab back down, crushing Fangy in the process. Fangy is crushed as a sacrificial offering to the Dragon God, who is pleased with it and allows Conker to enter into his mouth.



Berri's purple dinosaur sidekick from Twelve Tales: Conker 64
  • In the cancelled Twelve Tales: Conker 64, Berri had a purple dinosaur as her sidekick. It is unknown if Fangy was inspired by this dinosaur, as both dinosaurs are purple with a larger head in proportion to their body.


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