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Rock Solid

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Official screenshot of Rock Solid in Live & Reloaded

Rock Solid is a location in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Features and overview

The interior of Rock Solid in Bad Fur Day

It is a night club appearing only in the Uga Buga chapter. It is where Stone Giants and Ugas hang out and dance at. The club's entrance is guarded by a Bouncer, who only allows others to enter if they know the password. Rock Solid features decorative stone walls and floors and several colorful strobe lights. In Bad Fur Day, the building's banner is red, but in Live & Reloaded, it is a light blue-white color, with a large bone on each side and a few dinosaur skeleton patterns below it. In the remake, the exterior has a Greek-like architecture, with two pillars supporting the frontal building structure. There is trance music playing in the background, which is also named "Rock Solid" in the game's official soundtrack. In the back of Rock Solid is a large beer keg and a long table with a medicine cabinet. The club has a balcony with two alcoves, each having a female Stone Giant dance at it.

Conker cannot enter Rock Solid unless he has a few Uga followers, who destroy the Stone Giants outside the entrance. Earlier on, if Conker tries to enter Rock Solid by himself, the bouncer blocks him and says "no sneaking". After defeating the Stone Giants, Conker and the Ugas must go to the bouncer, who then asks them for a password. Conker whispers to the Ugas, asking what the password is. He mistakenly hears them say "felatio", but the Ugas correct him by saying the actual password again, "fedelio". The bouncer is surprised that Conker knew the password, and he allows them to enter the club.

As soon as Conker enters Rock Solid, he notices Berri trapped in a cage on the center of the back wall. Although she is imprisoned, Berri is still dancing like the other Rock People. The bouncer is standing at the door from inside the building. A short, spiraling path leads down the main floor of Rock Solid, where the Stone Giants are dancing. Three large, curved doors are located on the back wall of Rock Solid, and they open and close vertically. There is a mini-bar to the right and a curled up Stone Giant behind the counter. An Anti-Gravity Chocolate is located to the left of the bar. A beer keg is tucked away in an alcove to the right of the bar, with an Anti-Gravity Chocolate placed to the left and right side of the keg each. A medicine counter is to the right of the beer keg, where Conker can take a Seltzer Tablet if he is drunk. In Live & Reloaded, there is a bright, red sign above the counter that reads "Feel Good". In both games, there is a slightly elevated piece of ground that leads to the medicine cabinet. In Bad Fur Day, the stone path depicts a few tiger-like animals in the pose of an animal skin rug. This detail was removed in Live & Reloaded.

Conker must first roll the curled up Stone Giant across Rock Solid, up the curved path and push it onto a stone switch on the ground. This keeps the middle stone door open, because if something is not holding the switch down, the door remains closed. With the middle door open, Conker must return to the beer keg and become drunk. He must then urinate on a male Stone Giant, causing it to curl into a ball, and then use his urine to make the Stone Giant roll down the open door in the middle. This takes the Stone Giant down a chute-like path that lands him on the top balcony. Conker must then take a Seltzer Tablet to become sober and then follow the Stone Giant to the balcony. The Stone Giant remains curled unless Conker accidentally pushes it off the balcony and back onto the main floor.

Upon reaching the balcony, Conker must carefully push the Stone Giant across the slightly curved path without bumping it into the two female Stone Giants, who repeatedly dance in and out of their respective alcove. If one of them walks into the Stone Giant, it is knocked off the balcony, and Conker has to repeat the entire process, starting from when he became drunk. At the end of the path is another switch on the floor. This closes the middle door but opens the left and right doors.

Conker must jump to the main floor below while using his Helicoptery Tail Thing move to slow his descent and prevent him from taking damage. Conker must get drunk from the beer keg again and urinate on a Stone Giant near either the left or right door. They lead down another chute-like path, and the other end of both paths directly above Berri's cage. Conker must urinate on a large Stone Giant near the left path and guide it down that path, causing it to smash onto Berri's cage, which breaks open and frees her.

Berri jumps down and runs away as Conker calls for her. She does not hear him, and Conker realizes that she did not recognize him from the Uga headgear he is wearing. Conker decides to leave Rock Solid because the noise is getting to him. Conker must first collect a Cash bundle from Berri's cage before he leaves. Conker then goes to the bouncer and says goodbye. The bouncer realizes that Conker stole the Cash and escorts him to Don Weaso's headquarters. Rock Solid cannot be revisited.