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Poo Cabin

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Conker enters the Poo Cabin.

The Poo Cabin is a location in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Features and overview

Conker meets the cabin's proprietor.

The Poo Cabin is a cabin where Poo is processed and turned into Pooballs. It is located in the vicinity of Poo Mountain, which itself is part of the hub world, Windy.

When Conker first reaches the Poo Cabin, he realizes it is closed and opens at 10:00 am. Before he can access it, he must first open the door to the barn in the Barn Boys chapter, which is roundabout the time the Poo Cabin opens. Upon entering, Conker sees a Dung Beetle at the counter, where he asks Conker to find more poo, as they're out of supply. Conker searches around the Poo Cabin for poo, until he climbs up ropes and platforms and reaches a field with Bugger Lugs.

After Conker successfully gets the three cows, Daisy, Mavis and Olive, to drink Prune Juice, the entire Poo Cabin is filled with liquid diarrhea, regardless of how much the cows defecate down the grate.

Conker uses floaties to stay afloat on water, and cannot swim through the poo water until he takes Confidence Pills from a B Pad. This gives him the confidence to swim underwater; he swims downward until he reaches the entry room of Poo Cabin.

After Conker completes the area and exits it, the Poo Cabin spits a Pooball from out its window, and Conker can roll it around Poo Mountain. If Conker were to accidentally break the Pooball, the cabin simply spits out another one.

A wad of Cash (worth 100 dollars) is found in the second alcove in the pathway linked to the entrance. Conker can only obtain it after Poo Cabin is flooded; he can get it by swimming above surface and hopping onto the alcove with the Cash.