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Context Zone

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Conker looks at a Context Zone.

Context Zones,[1][2] also known as B Button Pads,[1] B Pads,[3] and Context Sensitive Buttons, are a recurring object in the Conker franchise.

Location and uses

Context Zones appear in Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker: Live & Reloaded and the Project Spark DLC, Conker's Big Reunion. They are circular pads that provide a relevant item based on the circumstance, hence its name. An example is Confidence Pills, which Conker receives at a time where to swim without floaties. Conker must walk on a Context Zone to use it, and it causes a light bulb to appear over his head. The player must press the B Button button for Conker to use it. The event that occurs varies based on the circumstance. Sometimes, Conker has a context-sensitive moment even without being on a Context Zone, and these moments are also indicated by a light bulb.

In the first chapter, Hungover, Birdy teaches Conker about Context Zones. Conker is standing on a Context Zone while he talks to Birdy, who describes them as "context sensitive". Conker tries using the one he is on, and he pulls Beer out of his pocket. Birdy takes the beverage and drinks it. Birdy tells Conker to try using the Context Zone on his left, or the same one again. The Context Zone on the left provides Conker with a Seltzer Tablet, and it cures him from his hangover.

Any moment when Conker has a light bulb appear over his head is known as "context-sensitive". The context-sensitive moments are as follows:


  • The first Context Zone used by Conker, in which he provides Beer to Birdy. When he uses it a second time, Conker provides him with helium. In the third time Conker gives him Beer. Unlike the first time, Birdy thanks Conker and says goodnight to him.
  • Located to left of the first Context Zone, behind the small fence. There, Conker takes a Seltzer Tablet, which cures him of his hangover. A similar Context Zone appears in the boiler room of Bats Tower, and Rock Solid of the Uga Buga chapter.
  • To spawn dynamite, which is hidden under the boulder blocking the path. Conker uses a plunger to detonate the dynamite, and the boulder explodes.


Barn Boys

  • To transform Conker into an Anvil, which smashes the alcove cave by the Cheese Farm, revealing a unique Squirrel Tail worth ten extra lives.
  • To use the Flamethrower and light the Bats on fire.
  • To throw Knives at Franky's noose, which he is hung from on the Barn's ceiling. One of the Knives eventually cuts Franky's rope and frees him.
  • To transform Conker into an Anvil again, as he hops off a diving board high above the Barn's drained pool. The Context Zone is located far below the diving board. Afterward, a nearby gate opens, which simply leads Conker down a short, somewhat-dark trail and to a Cash wad.
  • To hit the Haybot's "DO NOT PRESS" button.
  • To cut the electrical wires while the underground sewage floods slowly. This Context Zone is used three times.

Bats Tower

  • To use the Flamethrower to light the Bats on fire.
  • To use a Slingshot to fire at each letter, 'o', 'p', 'e', and 'n', which spells open. This opens the path to Clang's Lair.
  • To replace the Helmet's battery.
  • To get drunk from lots of alcohol consumption from a keg, and then urinate on Fire Imps.
  • To take a Seltzer Tablet. This Context Zone only works if Conker is drunk.
  • To hit The Big Big Guy's balls with bricks, and for the final hit, the Frying Pan.


Uga Buga

  • To turn Conker into an Anvil and smash down on a statue of a small, feline head. This opens a door that leads to the fiery cavern portion of the chapter.
  • To pour pepper into one of the Dragon Statue's nostrils. Conker must do this twice, once in each nostril, so that the Dragon Statue's sneezes out some phlegm and clears his tongue. Conker walks up the tongue so he can walk inside the Dragon Statue.
  • To use the Slingshot and fire at two switches that crush Fangy and sacrifice it to the Dragon Statue.
  • To use the Pocketwatch to hypnotize Fangy, allowing Conker to ride on it.
  • To get drunk and urinate on Rock'ards.
  • To take a Seltzer Tablet. Like its Bats Tower counterpart, the Context Zone does not work unless Conker is drunk.


  • To pull out the Shotgun, which replaces the Frying Pan (Bad Fur Day) or Baseball Bat (Live & Reloaded) as the chapter's main weapon.
  • To use a Crossbow and kill the Bats that prevent Conker from obtaining one of the Keys.

It's War

  • To open the door of the bathroom with a TNT Imps. This Context Zone is used more than once, a minimum of two times.
  • To use the Slingshot, which now has flaming Conkers for ammo, to fire a TNT Imp. This causes it to explode and destroy part of the plane blocking the port exit. This Context Zone must be used another time after Conker leads another TNT Imp down the other path that leads to the other side of the plane. After the second Fire Imp explodes, the plane is affected by the impact and also completely explodes.
  • To pull out the Submachine Guns, which Conker uses for his main weapon during the later part of the chapter where he joins the war with the Squirrel High Command against the Tediz.
  • To transform into an anvil to smash bridges down to allow the Class Twenty-Two Tank to cross gaps. A few Context Zones of this type appear in this chapter.
  • To pull out a Rocket Launcher, and fire its rocket missiles at the Submarine Tediz and their missiles. This Context Zone is used more than once.


  • Conker takes a Matrix-inspired slow-motion jump from one end so he can fire at the Security Guards. He eventually lands on a Context Zone on the opposite side. Two B-Pads appear during each wave of Security Guards.



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