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Zombies come out from their tombstones in Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Zombies are an enemy in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Zombies are undead gray squirrel enemies that appear throughout the Spooky chapter. They are possibly deceased Villagers, which they bear resemblance to and appear in the same chapter. Zombies come in a variety of forms, including male and female. Most are adults, but some of them are of smaller proportion, likely representing children. The female Zombies have short blonde hair and wear a pink dress, whereas the male Zombies are bald and wear a formal suit.

Every Zombie is blood-stained and have decayed and ripped-out flesh. Zombies usually have a missing eyeball or one drooping from their socket. Their eyes also show signs of wear, and they do not have pupils. They mindlessly wander around, constantly moaning. Their sounds indicate they are nearby, but if they see a character, they chase after it.

To kill a Zombie, Conker must aim the Shotgun at their head and fire. Shooting them elsewhere does not kill them but rather injures them and blows off the targeted body parts. If a Zombie's legs get shot off, it crawls after Conker. The children Zombies move faster and are harder to aim at. If a Zombie catches Conker, it bites away at him until he loses every Chocolate from his Life Bar. Conker can only escape from it by shaking it off.


Some Zombies in Count Batula's Mansion.

After Conker opens the entrance to the Graveyard, he must talk to Gregg. Gregg discusses his hatred of the undead, which he deems illogical and because they circumvent his role as a grim reaper. Gregg gives Conker a new weapon, the Shotgun, which he states is the only thing capable of killing the undead (specifically Zombies).

Zombies are first seen in the Graveyard. When Conker enters the area, numerous Zombies come out from their grave and go after Conker. He must kill them with his Shotgun. After killing a certain number, Conker can continue on the path to Count Batula's Mansion.

At the mansion, after Conker accidentally kills Count Batula in the grinder, numerous Zombies spawn all over the area, including outside in the courtyard. In this part, Conker's objective is to kill Zombies along his path as he attempts to put three Keys into the entry door. Sometimes Zombies hide behind an object and, in a jumpscare moment, jump out at Conker when he approaches. This behavior is also seen with some Tediz in the It's War chapter. Killing Zombies is optional, but killing them makes navigating the mansion easier for Conker.

Zombies can be unlocked in Multi mode if the player enters "BEEFCURTAINS" from the Cheats menu. "Beef curtains" is a slang term for labia, a part of the vagina.



  • Although Gregg says that only the Shotgun can kill Zombies, Conker can also kill them by firing a Crossbow at their head. Conker can also kill Zombies by riding Mr. Barrel over them after unlocking the front door. Zombies also die if they run into a pit.
  • In Conker: Live & Reloaded, a Zombie in male Villager attire can be seen in a cutscene where Conker puts a Key into a padlock of the foyer door.