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Gold Panning

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Gold Panning CPT.png

Gold Panning[1] is a sub-game in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Location and rules

Gold Panning takes place at a river in Vultureville. Once Conker has obtained a pan, he can play this sub-game at Forest Wong's Pan for Gold business. If Conker clears the sub-game, he is rewarded is a bar of gold, which he can exchange to the Vulture Culture for the mask.

During the sub-game, the player controls the movement of a pan. They must use it to scoop gold nuggets which are slowly drifting down the river. The sub-game has a time limit of 60 seconds (one minute). The pan can only pick up one nugget at a time. When a gold nugget is in the pan, the player must quickly shake left and right on the D-pad for Conker to obtain it. Once this is done, an icon of the gold nugget appears on the bottom part of the screen. The pan can then be used to scoop another nugget. Once Conker obtains nine gold nuggets within the time limit, he wins at the sub-game.


  • Conker's Pocket Tales manual (page 14): "Submerge your pan by pressing either the A or B button, catch the nuggets as they drift past by releasing the button, then quickly wiggle the + Control Pad ← and → to sift them before they drift away again. You've got 60 seconds to fill the bar at the bottom of the screen!"



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