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Gender Unknown
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Money
Color Green
Eye color Black
“Here I am, ya greedy bastard!”

Cash, also known as Money, Dollars, or Fajo, are wads of money. They are both a collectible item and character that appear in Conker's Bad Fur Day, its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded, and the Project Spark DLC title, Conker's Big Reunion.


Just like other living objects, Cash has googly eyes. Its mouth is positioned in-between its dollar bills. A red bend of paper is wrapped around every bundle. In Live & Reloaded, each Cash wad had a cigar put in their mouth. Their appearance and value matches up with that of real-world American dollars.

Cash are memorable for their dialogue. Cash are rude personality-wise because they frequently insult and use profanity toward other characters, including Conker, who collects them. Despite this, every Cash bundle expresses as much a desire to be collected as the person who wants it.

Location and uses

A Cash wad talks in Live & Reloaded.

Cash is an essential item in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Live & Reloaded, as Conker is required to pay some characters with it. He must pay 100 dollars in Cash to Birdy for a Manual, 2,110 dollars to ride Mr. Barrel in the Windy overworld, and lastly 1,000 dollars. Every time Conker pays a character, the Cash goes back into Conker's pocket, as it prefers to be with Conker. Every wad of Cash is worth 100 dollars (except for the Catfishes' 10 dollar wad in the vault of the Bats Tower chapter).

Every time Conker sees Cash, Conker's eyes turn into dollar signs, and the money insults or cajoles Conker, and he then grabs the bundle of Cash. After getting it, Conker either only expresses happiness, or he happily mentions what he plans to use the money on (e.g. paying off his mortgage or buying a car). Oddly, after Conker collects a Cash bundle, several dollar notes fly out from Conker temporarily and then vanish; he does not lose any of the notes.

Conker's iconic expression after he sees Cash.

Conker receives his first wad of Cash after he retrieves Queen Bee's beehive from Wayne and the Wankas. It peeks out from behind her beehive and hops to Conker. It says, "Somebody call for me?", and then says "Who wants some of the dough?". Conker later pays Birdy with his first wad of Cash, and as Birdy hops away, it hops out his pocket, claiming "I wanna go back in there." Conker then recollects it.

A 10 dollar Cash bundle appears in the Bats Tower vault. Aside from its monetary value, the Cash bundle is unique because it is the only one to flee from Conker. When Conker enters the vault, he finds it sleeping. It suddenly wakes up and tells Conker, "Who the hell are you? You ain't my boss. I'm outta here. I'm swimmin' with the fishes!" It likely fled because it is owned by the Catfish. Conker states that the gig of discovering Cash gets worse with each instance.

There are two instances in which Conker got in trouble for obtaining Cash. The first time, Conker attempted to head out with a wad of Cash in the night club, Rock Solid. He was caught by the Bouncer and brought before the club's owner, Don Weaso. The second time is when the Panther King and Don Weaso find Conker collecting nearly a million dollars worth of Cash in the vault of the Feral Reserve Bank.


During gameplay, if Conker is near a Cash wad, it randomly and repeatedly says these quotes continuously:

  • "Hey, over here!"
  • "Somebody get me!"
  • "Hey, what about me?!"
  • "Some money over here!"

A Cash bundle says either one of these quotes just before it is collected by Conker:

  • "So, ya want some green stuff?"
  • "Here I am, ya greedy bastard!"
  • "Hey I'm here! Hurry up! Pick me up, shithead!"
  • "Hey, where the fuck have you been, ya ginger bastard?"
  • "Oh look, Another wise guy! Come on then!"

Then, Conker says one of these quotes after obtaining the Cash:

  • "Yeh, Cash prizes."
  • "Yeh, more sponduli."
  • "Excellent. Jet-packs and butlers, here we come."
  • "Cool, I'm gonna have that gold card before you know it."
  • "Yeh, I can put this with the rest of my dead presidents."
  • "Who wants to be a millionaire? Me, actually."
  • "Yeh, I think the rounds on me. I'm gonna get tanked tonight."
  • "Yeh, I'll be able to get rid of my mortgage, and buy my car."
  • "Cool! Laughing all the way to the bank."
  • "Ugh. This gig gets worse and worse by the minute." (in response to the 10-dollar wad from Bats Tower)
  • "Cool! Hope there's more where that came from."





  • Conker's "jetpacks and butlers" quote was the title of a library book in Yooka-Laylee. The book was titled "Jet Packs and Butlers: Your first investment".[1]
  • The player can view the number of Cash they have from the pause menu in both Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. The remake also shows silhouettes of every Cash bundle of the current chapter, and the collected ones are displayed entirely.