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The dagger is an item in Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Location and uses

The Dagger is an upgrade weapon of Sneeker and it has two modes: stab and throw, the latter of which is the only range option that the Sneaker has. It is infinite ammo and very reliable.

The Dagger basic mode, Stab like a mini saber that does less damage, but one hit kills an attack if you attack a player from behind. It will activate an animation where they stab them in the back and then repeatability stabs them more, leaving you vulnerable. The other mode is throwing, in which you will throw your knives at enemies like the Multi's knives, doing high damage while goes down when they traveling far.

In the Old War, they have a straight edge with a grey handle, in the Future War it's a curved blade and it seems to have a plasma or laser coating on its end.

It's unknown what knife it is based on. In the Old War, it could be either both faction's choice of knives or could be a Tedi knife as suggested by the manual. Tedi seems to carry one and seems to be based of the SS-Ehrendolch (SS honor dagger) due to a similarly shaped blade. In the Future War, it is again unknown and could be from either faction, due to advanced technology.


  • The knife's ability to backstab someone is inspired by the spy's knife from Team Fortress Classic.
  • The weapon seems to be a carryover from Live & Uncut, since its weapon seems to have two modes, stab or throwing. The upgraded knife model which according to the devs is called a "combat knife" is seen in the early render of the Future War Sneeker before it was changed. The only thing that has been changed from Live & Uncut in the final game is the invisibility, but it might just be Sneaker's ability.
    • Also in Live & Uncut, the non-upgraded form seems to be based on the real-life Ka-Bar knife.