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Sprite of the Undertaker in the Game Boy Color version (left) and the Game Boy version (right).

The Undertaker is a character in Conker's Pocket Tales.


The Undertaker is one of the Acorn friends living in Vultureville. He manages the funerals at the town's Boothill Cemetery. As shown from his speech icon, the Undertaker wears a black top hat.

When Conker first visits Vultureville, the Acorn friends mention that the Undertaker was looking for him because he found something of his "wrapped in fancy paper" (later revealed to be a Present). In the Undertaker's building, Conker finds a note in which the Undertaker says that he is currently at Boothill Cemetery. Conker goes into a shack at Boothill Cemetery and finds the Undertaker. However, the Undertaker tells Conker that he has been shot and does not have much longer to live. According to him, he was shot by someone resembling Conker (later revealed to be Honker). Nevertheless, Conker still receives his Present, although the Sheriff mistakes Conker for being Honker and arrests him, but Conker is later exonerated.