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“built for speed and maneuverability rather than direct aggression, this is the default transport for sneekers and long rangers.”
From the game manual
“The R-Hog ain't too pretty, but it gets you where you want to go quickly. It is lightly armored, however, and best suited to covering terrain quickly and avoiding combat.”
Community Conker site
“Fast and sporty. Great on the battlefield, but not on a date.”
Community Conker site
An R-hog from the Old War.

The R-hog is a vehicle for Sneekers and Long Rangers and can be used with the Grunts when they collect an upgrade orb, though very week it can transport you across the map, and when pressing the left stick it activates a speed boost for a limited time. Though not being armed it can be used to run over the enemy team.

General Infomation


The old war has a green paint job, its middle light is covered up and it seems to be a modified bike due to having a hull of a bike with added wheels. The future war on the other hand is a traditional quad bike with a silver paint job.

Possible Orgin

For old war, is an obvious creation of the SHC due to having a green paint job and mostly based on the US bike, The Future war is unknown if it's a Tediz or SHC creation due to being a traditional quad bike.


  • Like mentioned, the R-hog was supposed to have a machinegun, seen in the trailers, an early render of the old war R-hog and the script files calling it a "Bike Gunner"
  • In the community site, the R-hog mentions that thermophile was suppose to have the vehicle, it's either by mistake or it was planned.
  • The Future R-hog might be a nod to Halo's mongoose which was cut for Halo 2 but was put into the third game.
  • The old war's bike may be a Harley Davidson WLA.
  • The game's internal name is called Quadbike.