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Conker is on the second level of the Barn.

The Barn is the landmark location of the Barn Boys chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is a mostly empty barn made of wood and stone. The Barn is a tall building, with hay patching up its roof. It has a large water bucket on its roof and a very tall ladder with a high dive.


The Barn's doors were originally locked, and Conker had to open it by hitting a switch on its roof. Conker can only get on it after Marvin explodes, and he can perform a high jump from Jack and the Large Female Box to land on a gutter pipe and hop on the roof from there.

The Barn's first floor is where Conker meets Franky, Ron, and Reg. It used to house some Haystacks, until Franky unintentionally defeated them in his unsuccessful fight against Conker. In response, Franky hangs himself from the ceiling.

After Conker pulls a Lever and walks out the door, the Haybot jumps on the ground floor. He decides to aimlessly wander around because his arch-nemesis, Franky, hung himself.

Conker later accesses the top floor from a side entrance accessible by hopping off a Crate. It is only accessible after the King Bee falls out from it. The top floor has Bats and narrow steel platforms. Conker has to cross over and use the Flamethrower to burn the Bats. He passes them and frees Franky from throwing Knives at his noose. Conker and Franky team up and fight the Haybot. After it is hit three times, the Haybot smashes the Barn's floor open. It, Franky, and Conker collapse down into the Sewer, where they continue the battle.