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Squirrel High Command

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A wallpaper of the SHC during the Old War era of Live & Reloaded's Xbox Live & Co. mode

The Squirrel High Command, often abbreviated to SHC, is a military group of squirrels led by The Sarge. They play a major role in the It's War chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and the remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. At the start of the It's War chapter, The Sarge signs up Conker as a "volunteer" for the Squirrel High Command. In several parts of the It's War chapter, Conker's teammate is Rodent.


Conker's Bad Fur Day

The SHC, is first seen in the Cock and Plucker, seen around drinking, and in the manual while in a debate, some of them were signed up in the morning. And the intro cutscene, Conker said "They off tomorrow to fight some war." During Its War chapter many of the infantry were killed, the most noticeable ones are the SHC infantry getting accidentally fried by conker and the two most infamous ones including the cut surgery scene between the Tedi Surgeon and the firing squad scene the later made it to Live and Reloaded. The SHC is featured prominently in most of the multiplayer modes, including War, Tank, and Beach. In Tank, according to the manual, it's a training ground by the SHC for the tanks. The SHC infantry wore, greens and camo and a noticeable bandolier.

The group is first known as the Squirrel High Command in Conker: Live & Reloaded's Xbox Live & Co. mode, where they are featured as main characters. The Tediz return as the enemy battalion. Players can choose to play as either one of the six SHC soldiers or one of the Tediz, who represent the SHC's enemies instead. Both battalions have six members, each part of a different class. The perspective of the Xbox Live & Co. campaigns are adjusted based on which side players take. The playable SHC classes include: Grunt, Sneeker, Demolisher, Long Ranger, Sky Jockey, and Thermophile.


  • The SHC seems to be a combination of the United States and the UK due to the prevalence of Sky jocky's Royal Air Force roundel on his vest.
  • A running theme in Live and reloaded is the number 53 with all of the SHC classes though it's unknown what it stands for.

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