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Xbox Live & Co.

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Xbox Live & Co. is the multiplayer mode in Conker: Live & Reloaded. In it, the player has the decision to play as either the Squirrel High Command or the Tediz. Both the Tediz and the SHC have classes. Depending on which class you play as, your way of playing will be different.


Each class has their own set of abilities and gameplay style.

  • Grunt: the basic, all-rounder class. They have no big flaws or specialties. Grunts can use the sturm 21, the hosgster, holster, the medgun, and frag, stun, and magnova grenades.
  • Sneeker: The Sneeker is the fastest class in the game. However they have terrible armor, so they are easy to kill. They are a bit difficult to master, because they get long range combat via upgrade.
  • Long Rangers are good at attacking from a long range, but aren't as good up close

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