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The Panther King with his favorite drink.

Milk is the Panther King's favorite drink in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded. As a result, the Panther Kingdom has a lot of Milk. The Panther King's obsession with Milk is his most noticeable trait, and he frequently requests his servants to fetch him some.


One day, a Weasel Guard poured Milk into the Panther King's glass, and the Panther King placed it on his table. The table was missing a leg, so it tipped and the glass of Milk fell off. This infuriated the Panther King. This event is shown during the lengthy opening cinematic. The Panther King eventually wanted a red squirrel for his milk table after Von Kriplespac concluded it would make a suitable replacement.

The Panther King mentions Milk in the final chapter, Heist. He feels indigestion and requests Kriplespac to fetch him Milk. Earlier, Kriplespac placed an alien egg in Milk and served it to the Panther King. The Panther King unknowingly swallowed the egg, of which Heinrich eventually hatched out from.

In both the opening and closing cutscenes, Conker is seen with a glass of Milk. He drinks it in the opening cutscene and places it on the table. Milk is also seen in two of the Game Over screens. In one of them, a carton of Milk is on the Panther King's table. In the second one the Panther King puts Milk on his table, which has Conker for a new table leg.

In Live & Reloaded, the Panther King was revived by the Tediz in the end of the final Xbox Live & Co. mission, Doon. He ordered them to give him Milk with his signature line, "Fetch me some milk!".

The Milk cartons depict a cow on each side, with a caption below it, "Fresh 'n' white". In the Game Over sequence, it is only on printed on the left side. The carton's front side shows Conker's face. It has the headline "Missing" and the caption, "Have you seen this squirrel[?]". In Live & Reloaded, the cow is only printed on one side, with the caption "Mavis"; this strongly suggests that the Milk originated from Mavis. The missing squirrel side was retained, but some random lines of text were added on another side.