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Seltzer Tablet

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Conker drinks a Seltzer Tablet.

Seltzer Tablets are B Pad items in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. These tablets cure Conker from his hangover, and are the first item he uses on a B Pad (excluding the beer and helium he gives to Birdy on the very first one).

Conker takes a Seltzer Tablet in three different parts of the adventure. He drinks one in a glass of water. The first time is in Hungover, after he meets Birdy and walks out the gate. The second time is in the boiler room of Clang's Lair in the Bats Tower chapter. The third and last time is in Rock Solid of the Uga Buga chapter. Conker can only take a Seltzer Tablet if he is drunk. He can use the latter two B Pads more than once, if he drinks alcohol from each area's keg again.