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Full name Gregg the Grim Reaper
Gender Male
First appearance Conker's Bad Fur Day
Species Grim Reaper
Color White (with black robe)
“Strange, it's the best bloody deal you're going to get. You little prick. Right, that's it. Piss off. I've got some cats to see. Bloody things. I hate those bloody cats. The way they meow and they piss everywhere, and their shit smells just bloody awful, all over my furniture...”
Gregg the Grim Reaper, Conker's Bad Fur Day

Gregg, also named Death,[1] is a character in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.


Gregg is a short Grim Reaper who wears a black cloak and green shoes, which were respectively recolored to dark blue and purple in Live & Reloaded. Gregg has one yellow tooth on his bottom jaw. He also holds a scythe. He is short-tempered and easily irritable. He has the ability to an item appear in mid-air, leaving a puff of smoke behind.

Gregg is best known for his hatred of cats, which he frequently mentions to Conker. He is passionate about his role of death, and therefore dislikes creatures that fall under "special cases", for example, squirrels. This is because they circumvent immediate death from having extra lives. Despite being part of the undead, Gregg has a stronger dislike of them because they avoid death entirely.

Despite Gregg's representation of death, he is less intimidating than one may expect. He is very short, even more than Conker, and his twice as short as his scythe. Gregg's voice is high-pitched and squeaky, so he alters it with a megaphone to make it sound more frightening. He is only shown to use the megaphone when he greets the dead in the Underworld.


Gregg introduces himself and urges Conker not to laugh over his shortness.

When Conker first dies, he goes down to the Underworld. A mysterious Grim Reaper shadow approaches him, with a deep voice. He echoes Conker's name and tells him that he is dead. The Grim Reaper, whose name is Gregg, walks out from a pathway and reveals himself to Conker. He used a megaphone to emulate a deeper voice until it broke, so he angrily threw it away.

Gregg introduces himself to Conker and urges him to not laugh over his short height. Conker does not laugh but he questions if Gregg is a bit short to be a Grim Reaper. He replies to Conker by asking him how many Grim Reapers he has met and how Conker thinks he should look like. Conker finds it a fair and well-made point.

Gregg mentions his dislike of cats.

A scroll appears in front of Gregg; he asks for Conker's surname, which is "The Squirrel". Gregg's scroll vanishes and he gets upset. This is because he dislikes how squirrels, like cats, have more than one life, and puts Conker among the "special cases". Gregg briefly mentions a few things about his circumstance, including he is doing his job, is obligated to listen to "the powers that be", and that he does not get paid much. Gregg tells Conker that squirrels have "as many lives as they think they can get away with". Conker feels assured that he is alive and walks off. Gregg swung his scythe in front of Conker and stops him, as he was unfinished explaining the concept of death.

Gregg tells Conker that he is dead but not quite as he has a few more "chances". Gregg mentions that it is likewise with cats, and mentions his hatred of them again. Gregg shows a Squirrel's Tail to Conker; he explains they are distributed around his "little world". Gregg says that he will receive an extra life for every Tail he collects. Conker describes it to Gregg as "a bit strange". Gregg tells Conker that it is the best deal he will get. Gregg then says "piss off" to him because he wants to deal with some cats. He walks back into the darkness, mumbling about his dislike of cats once again. Conker collects the Squirrel's Tail, and is dragged upward by a giant skeletal hand and dropped back from where he left off.

Conker later finds Gregg standing on a boardwalk at the start of the Spooky chapter. He tries to kill Catfish with his scythe, and finds it unbelievable how cats have a fish variant. He mentions to each Catfish that he has "their number", meaning their remaining number of lives. Gregg talks to Conker if he pulled a Lever to open the gates to the Graveyard.

Conker meets Gregg again during the Spooky chapter.

When Conker approaches Gregg, he demands for him to "piss off" and claims to be busy with the Catfish. He guesses that Conker wants head up a trail and meet his rich, undead ancestor (later revealed to be Count Batula). Gregg hates the undead and therefore hates Batula. He believes that there is no point to the undead. Gregg a weapon to Conker for specifically fighting the undead, a Shotgun. Gregg says that the Shotgun is the only way to kill the undead—by shooting them in the head. Gregg tells Conker to "piss off" and heads back to slice at the Catfish with his scythe. The same cutscene is even shown if Conker does not lose a single life up to that point.

In Bad Fur Day, if the player enters "BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT" from the Cheats menu, Gregg is unlocked in Multi. He is playable either with or without his robe on. Gregg's face is Multi menu icon for Deathmatch. He is also seen sitting in The Cock and Plucker in the main menu, while the "Chapters" option is highlighted.

Unused appearances

Gregg was planned to appear in the cancelled Bad Fur Day sequel, Conker's Other Bad Day. More information on his hatred of cats would have been revealed, which would've had something to do with a young Panther King.[2]



  • Chris Seavor's voice was raised two notches on pitch electronically when he voiced Gregg.
  • Gregg is the only character with black speech bubbles, which displays white text.
  • Gregg is voiced by Chris Seavor, but his name is based on longtime Rare Ltd. employee, Gregg Mayles.


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