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Conker in Vultureville
“The dry and dusty wilderness beyond Willow Woods is home only to some of the hardier Acorn people and an assortment of desert critters.”
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet, page 18

Vultureville, also formatted Vulture Ville,[1] is a world in Conker's Pocket Tales.

Features and overview

Vultureville is a world taking place in the wild west, as well as the home to a wild west-inspired tribe of Acorn friends. It has a small town named Rapido Ranch. The Forest Wong runs a business named Pan for Gold, where the sub-game Gold Panning takes place.

Conker is framed for a crime, so the Sheriff arrests him. The crime was later revealed to have been committed by his doppelganger, Honker. Conker later finds him in the bank, where they get in a shootout competition. The world boss are the twin vultures, Sol and Luxo.



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