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This is a list of various official and licensed Merchandise themed around the Conker franchise.

Product Company Release date Type Description
N64 Magazine Calendar Conker's Quest.jpg
1998 N64 Magazine Calendar
N64 Magazine 1998 Accessory
An N64-themed calendar featuring artwork from various N64 video games that were released in 1998 (including Banjo-Kazooie on the page for April), or supposed to be released but never did, in the case of Conker's Quest, here on the page for August.
Merch TT64 1999 Club Nintendo stickers.jpg
1999 Club Nintendo Stickers
Club Nintendo 1999 Accessory
A set of stickers given by a German magazine Club Nintendo, one of which is a Twelve Tales-themed illustration of Conker playing with the Nintendo 64 logo.
Merch CBFD CD soundtrack.jpg
Conker's Bad Fur Day Soundtrack
Rare 2001 Soundtrack
Original soundtrack CD with 18 tracks from Conker's Bad Fur Day.[1]
Merch CLaR Limited Edition Xbox.jpg
Conker: Live & Reloaded Limited Edition Xbox
Microsoft 2005–2010 Console
A special limited edition of the original Xbox console, given away at The Galeries Victoria shopping centre in Sydney, Australia for a "Conker Tournament".[2] Between 1–50 are presumed to have been made, and 3 to have been given away.[3]
Merch CLaR DVD soundtrack.jpg
Conker: Live & Reloaded Original Soundtrack
Microsoft 2005 Soundtrack
Official OST release on 1 DVD + 1 CD, containing 26 tracks in total.[4][5]
Merch CBFD iam8bit vinyl soundtrack.jpg
Conker’s Bad Fur Day Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP
iam8bit 2018 Soundtrack
Original soundtrack, a total of 26 tracks from Conker's Bad Fur Day remastered and pressed on 2 classic black long play vinyls.[6][7]
Rare All-Stars album cover.jpg
Rare All-Stars
Rare 2018 Soundtrack
In celebration of its anniversary, Rare compiled 35th Anniversary Collection, a digital album with 30 hand-picked original game tracks, 2 medleys, the Rare Replay opening number and two new Sea of Thieves arrangements. Included are Windy & Co. and Bats themes.[8]
Merch Totaku Conker.jpg
Totaku #27 - Conker
Totaku 2018 Figure
A nifty amiibo-esque Conker figure sporting his It's War chapter uniform. It was released alongside the #28 Banjo-Kazooie figure.[9]
Merch F4F Conker Statue.jpg
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Conker Statue
First 4 Figurines 2018 Statue
A large resin statue depicting Conker sitting on his throne from the intro cutscene. Three editions have been made - standard, exclusive and definitive, the last of which has the larger dimension than the other two and includes a commemorative metal coin, bejeweled throne footstool, detailed dais base and swappable designs of the crown and milk glass/goblet from the classic Conker's Bad Fur Day and modern Conker: Live & Reloaded.[10]
Merch Loot Gaming The Great Mighty Poo Toilet Paper.png
The Great Mighty Poo Toilet Paper
Loot Gaming 2021 Accessory
Two toilet paper rolls packaged in the monthly subscription April 2021 "Salty" loot crate from Loot Gaming. Included items are unknown until shipped.[11]
Merch Loot Gaming Conker Hat.png
Conker Hat
Loot Gaming 2021 Clothing
The second Conker themed item inside a July 2021 "Sweet!" Loot Gaming crate is a blue baseball cap with a Conker: Live & Reloaded artwork sewn onto it.[11]
Merch F4F Soldier Conker.png
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Soldier Conker
First 4 Figurines 2022 Statue
A second, more dynamic Conker-themed resin statue of comparable proportions from the maker F4F, depicting Conker in his It's War uniform. One of his submachines has a fire effect, while the other has smoke coming out of the muzzle. His helmet has a slightly rustic logo to emulate how it could have been slightly rubbed off in the battle. Conker is standing on a base with elements such as barbed wires and flames inspired by beachhead from the corresponding chapter of the game.

Exclusive Edition adds LED lights with two modes - static and animated. The end of Conker's cigar, the gun flame and other fire elements on the platform will pulse in the animated mode. Definitive Edition completely modifies the platform. Water waves are opaque and contain two bullets and their trajectory trails, adding a sense of momentum to the statue. Conker is standing atop three dead Tediz with their cotton stuffing spilled out. A deserted combat helmet is partly submerged into the water, and a piece of Anti-Gravity Chocolate is added.[12]
Merch Youtooz Conker.png
Youtooz Conker
Youtooz 2022 Figure
4.8 inches (12.192 cm) tall vinyl figure of Conker sitting on his throne, armresting his head and smiling, which is a feature of most Youtooz figures.[13]
Merch F4F Gregg the Grim Reaper.jpg
Gregg the Grim Reaper Resin Statue
First 4 Figurines 2022 Statue
The third Conker-themed resin statue from the maker F4F, in development as of September 2022.

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