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Hello, welcome! I'm just a chap who edits wikis and pursues interests in free time. I've played a few Rare Ltd. games, but mainly the Conker series. I edit this wiki on and off, but I'm always around, so feel free to drop a message if you have any inquiries.

I can also be found on:

Fun facts

I've first played Conker: Live & Reloaded and in my opinion, it's a great remake of the original; with enhanced graphics on Xbox One holding up to this day. I also played Conker's Pocket Tales through emulation and it kept me playing through most of the game - not the best GB game out there but it's an endearing first entry to the series. One of my wishes is that Rare Replay gets ported to PC platforms. Last decade wasn't great for Rare classics, but the time is ripe with Battletoads and Perfect Dark reboots for Banjo and Conker to shine. Microsoft should be able to make either happen.

I don't like Microsoft's practices, but neither do I like toxicity and division between fans of the franchise. Rare, as a developer, surpassed its time in the sun, but they made sure we can play most of their classic titles on modern devices. It's up to fans to show their love by creating and supporting fanworks - as Big Reunion suggested - "guess we'll have to make our own."

Some favorites:


  • Factual and sourced wiki contributions.
  • Preserving and documenting of the most obscure of interesting things from the franchise.
  • Participating in making the Rare fandom a healthy place for old and new fans alike.

To-do's and plans


  • Information from magazines and books - this includes new artwork along the way.
  • Websites and all web content - for now, I've archived all known Flash content into Flashpoint (fortunately none got lost).
  • Merchandise - no new games, but plenty of merchandise both popular and obscure.
  • Citation material - tweets, official videos, interviews and third-party outlets.

To update


New pixel-art for Template:Button. I've personally drawn these for several consoles so they look closer to the basic appearance on real consoles. Might upload here some point.