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Based on the BJAODN from Super Mario Wiki, this page documents content added to articles that are involuntarily funny. BJAODN is an acronym for bad jokes and other deleted nonsense. Vandalized articles are not accepted here.

Army General

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The Big Big Guy

Brass of balls, sir. Polished to the nth degree.”
The Big Big Guy

("This quote was up and was incorrectly quoted since 2018. - Wikiboy10")


In Uga Buga, it's used to lift up the top of the crusher by pushing the up arrow button, and to make it fall by pressing the down arrow button. This contraception is used to sacrifice the Baby Dinosaur. In It's War, the Conkers fired from the Catapult are engulfed in flames. Conker must fling them at two separate TNT Imps, whose TNT Barrel must explode on both sides of a crashed plane blocking the port exit.

(This edit inspired the creation of Conker Wiki's own BJAODN archive.)


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